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Which Colour is the Best for Your Bedroom

It’s about time you finally changed that bedroom decor. Just how much longer are you going to keep all those dull colours about, to keep the staleness of the room intact? A nice refreshing paintjob will do wonders for the decor. Also, the bedroom is the one room where you are allowed, and even requested, to personalise as much as you want. Here is where you bring in a sense of self in the house and show visitors in this room who you really are. This is where you make the choices matter and colour the room as you see yourself.
This process should be a part of a thorough home cleaning, but don’t do the cleaning before you actually repainted. A few stains here and there and you will have to go back to carpet cleaning before you can start enjoying the bedroom’s new look. This means you should prepare the room for the painting beforehand: take out all the furniture that is near the walls, and place newspapers at the bottom to take in any drops. Use newspapers as coverings for other places as well, just in case. House cleaning can be really prolonged thanks to a few misplaced paint strokes.
And before the painting starts, you have to make a choice of colour. Now, this is especially important, because colours have meanings and they can say quite a lot about you in the eyes of others. Here are your options:

Vibrant Colours

These colours mean energy. It might be the lively energy that has you running outside to spend it before bedtime, it might be the energy with which you work, it might be the energy of passion. You have many options for colours that mean different things:
Red is the colour of passion, anger, or ambition. This colour shows emotion. It is a rare colour for a bedroom, but it will reflect your desire to be active, your want and lust.
Orange is the colour of sociability. It means you are open to others, active in communication.
Yellow is the colour of optimism. Painting the bedroom yellow would imply you are a happy person and you have great hopes for the future.
Green is, naturally, the colour of nature. It means growth and self-reliance, but also a sense of possession.
Blue is the colour of peace. It denotes loyalty, truth, spirituality. It would mean you are an honest person, but it is rarely seen as thanks to the metaphor, people often think it a sad colour for sad people.
Turquoise is the colour of communication. It means open-mindedness and clarity of mind, and willingness to speak out your mind.
Purple is the colour of imagination. It denotes mystery, but connotes magic. It shows secrets, but hides content. It displays creativity, but covers judgment.

Idle Colours

These colours are not as idle as the name suggests. It only means that they don’t go anywhere, but could mean a plenitude of things. They are mostly associated with the melancholic type of person, the brooding people who like getting lost in their thoughts rather than take in their surroundings.
Brown is the colour of earth. It suggests you are a down-to-earth person, you have a serious persona, and you feel secure with yourself.
Grey is the colour of maturity. If means compromise, it means indecisiveness, both stability and instability, and all the rest of things associated with the confusing adulthood.
White is the colour of purity. White means you like the untouched, the perfect, and the ideal. It means you are a perfectionist, or that you wish to be one.
Black is the colour of secrecy. Within the darkness lie all secrets, and the certainty of stability. Black is the colour of the two most certain things in the world: death and taxes. It is also too morbid for a room colour, so unless you are a really glum person, keep away.
Which of these colours shows of your personality the best? Think about that while you prepare your painting tools and cleaners and cleaning products for the forthcoming painting and home cleaning. Think about how you view yourself and have your bedroom resemble the real you.


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