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If you own a patio, you may be aware of how easy it can build up muck in no time at all. In today’s climate, how are you supposed to find the time to take care of chores like patio cleaning? This is something we understand at Handy Services, and as a result we’ve created fast-acting solutions for all our customers to enjoy. We’ll employ jet washing with incredible professionalism, and spruce things up for you before you even know it!

Show your neighbours, friends and family just how gorgeous your patio can be by bringing us in for deck cleaning right away. We’ll get you all set up and ready to go without any hassle through 020 3793 4888! Get in touch with us today and hire the best cleaning service in London!

Prepare for a Better Patio!

The customer is the most important thing to us at Handy Services, and nowhere is this more evident than in our work itself. We only arrange for the best in patio cleaning, so you’ll never be left with shortcuts or half-finished graft. When we’re done, you’ll be left with a whole new feeling to your outdoor areas. It will be fresher, and more relaxing. You’ll very quickly see how helpful deck cleaning is, and you may even feel like you’ve made the move to a brand new property. Reserve your appointment now by picking up the phone while the time is right. We can always be reached through 020 3793 4888! Call us anytime!

Making the Earth a Priority Where Others Won’t

Companies competing with ours often make the mistake of not standing up for the environment where they can, which we know is both irresponsible and pushes a lot of more conscientious customers away. Instead, use us to find a patio cleaning team who know how important the eco-system is, and do everything we can to protect it. A cleaning patio operation doesn’t have to be irresponsible, and we prove that by taking a lot of time to handpick the supplies and materials we use with safety in mind. Jet washing is a great way to be eco-friendly, so talk to the experts at our company to find out how we can set it up for you!

The Range of Benefits We Present

  • Unbelievable charges that prove absolutely anybody can come and enjoy our services without digging deep into savings!

  • The greenest supplies around, making sure that nothing we do has any side-effects on the environment we all live in!

  • The possibility of same-day service if you find yourself in an emergency and need to see results overnight.

  • Staff who can revolutionise your decking and patio in a matter of minutes. We carefully train each of our patio cleaners to the peak of their abilities.

  • Patio clearance done properly, as we never leave your patio in anything but a vastly improved state before we leave. We’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied with what we can do.

Let Us Show You How To Save Money

Using us is an investment, as we can prevent you from shelling out a lot of extra money later down the line. Without patio cleaners, your decking and other areas could fall into deep disrepair and may even need to be replaced. Can you imagine just how much that will cost you?

Why not benefit from our stunning prices while you have the time, and get patio clearance done quickly and with very little bother? It’s what we do best, so you’re sure the end up with an incredible finish at the end of the day. For your top choice in cleaning patio undertakings, look no further!

Why we are the best

  • Unbelievable charges that prove absolutely anybody can come and enjoy our services

  • Top tier cleaning supplies across the board

  • Greenest supplies around

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  • Autumn is a big jerk to my patio. Leaves and dust and dirt are always blown our way and it looks horrid. That is, until I hired Handy Services to do weekly cleanings. Now it always looks great and the maintenance is super cheap!Laura H.

Just because the patio is outside the house does not mean that a patio clean should be reckless or half-heartedly done. When you hire our company you will see how thorough we can be even for outside areas – we will clean everything from your patio furniture to the patio ground without leaving a single twig that is out of its place. Your patio will shine up with our comprehensive patio cleaning service, and you will be able to rest and relax in the cleanliness and safety of your garden once again. Book us today and check out our affordable prices!


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