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The Best Cleaning Services on the Market!

When you need cleaning around your domestic property, or even your workplace, you really needn’t spend another moment searching for the cheapest yet most efficient company. We’ve long stood up for high quality work at budget prices, so you’d be hard-pressed to find any better choice than Handy Services. We strongly believe that cleaning services should always be the finest available, and never short change our clients with over-priced processes. For teams you can really trust, the only company you need to remember is our own.

We get fast-acting and unbelievable results at every turn, and could really give your home that makeover it deserves. Call us on 020 3793 4888 on the double for all the information you’ll ever need!

What Benefits Do We Bring to Your Home?

  • Incredible teams of unmatched cleaners, ready to take on absolutely anything you have waiting for them! They’re trained in all of the best and most up-to-date techniques!

  • Amazing prices that you’ll completely fall in love with. Anyone can afford to feel our benefits!

  • Cleaning done properly, so you don’t have to worry about how thorough our work is. We don’t leave any stone unturned!

  • Incredible emergency same-day service for those clients who need to get out of a rut quickly. We’ll help you get those tough sanitation jobs dealt with in no time!

  • Carefully sourced cleaning supplies that aren’t a drag on the environment or your bank account!

Concerned at Every Turn

If we were careless with our home cleaning, we could end up causing a lot of damage – and not just to your house or personal property! Incorrectly steaming ahead with this kind of undertaking is extremely irresponsible, as it is our eco-system which is left to pick up the pieces. Spending just a little time to plan out cleaning, like we do, can avoid these worries with no problem.

We recycle wherever possible, and attempt to give back with proper disposal, responsible supplies and intelligent conduct. Only this way have we maintained our reputation as a cleaning company concerned with the wellbeing of our customers and the environment they live in, and that’s something very close to our hearts.

Why we are the best

  • Carefully sourced cleaning supplies

  • Topquality service

  • Amazing prices that you’ll completely
    fall in love with

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  • I called Handy Services to clean my office when I set up my new business. They were able to give me an accurate quote for the work and stuck to it afterwards. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to handle a fast and thorough office cleaning, but they did a perfect job.John Eames

We Put Quality First

We understand that there’s no point looking for professional help if they can’t do the job any better than you can. But when it comes to our cleaners, no-one’s expertise can be more valuable than theirs. The stress involved in home cleaning can be immense if you haven’t got the tools or experience, but that’s exactly where we come in. We stop all those worries dead in their tracks before they have a chance to beat you down.

And just imagine how much your home could benefit from a good old spruce up! Cleaning can be an immense undertaking, but let us show you how easy our assistance can make it. You’ll fall in love with what we can do for you.

Make Your Booking While You Can!

At Handy Services, absolutely nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We work extremely hard to provide cleaning services that can’t be equalled, as we believe that all of our clients deserve that special touch from their cleaning company. We tailor everything we do to individual specifications and needs too, so you’ll get just the service you’ve been looking for.

Let your house breathe and feel an all new type of freedom just by calling us today. Reserve your appointment now by picking up the phone and dialling 020 3793 4888 before the consequences build up to damage your property!


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