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Getting Your Home Back to Its Best

We all need spring cleaning every now and then, when mounting mess and clutter gets on top of us. If you’ve become a victim in your own home to muck then our solutions may just be the very answer for you. With Handy Services, you get specialist service that outranks the others every single time. Our one-off cleaners know exactly how to get the job done right every time, with no margin for error!

You need that kind of reliability when you have professional help come into your property, and our one-off cleaning is the only option to have it absolutely guaranteed. Contact us on 020 3793 4888 now and take your first step towards a better home!

Always Thinking Green!

It would be all too easy to storm ahead with one-off cleaning without following the proper environmental protocols. This is an area in which we never let down our customers, as we think our responsibilities to the eco-system are incredibly important. We shine the torch for eco-friendly methods in an industry of companies all too used to going for the shortcuts. Instead, we spend a lot of time making sure our home cleaning doesn’t damage our atmosphere in any imaginable way. Only then can our customers be sure of a one-off clean that they can really have a clear conscience about. Find extra peace of mind by booking with us instead of the rest!

Hard Work You’ll Fall in Love With

You might not have realised just how incredible spring cleaning done by the experts can be, but we’re here to prove that it’s truly the best route to a more comfortable home. Not only can we give you more freedom and space to relax in your property, but we can also save you from being surprised by some nasty consequences that inaction can cause. Instead, bring in one-off cleaners like our very own.

They know just how to get your home feeling fresh and new again, and you’ll really be amazed by what they’re capable of. Don’t stress or exert yourself by trying to take care of it on your own!

Full Solutions For Every Contingency

  • We have years of experience within our industry that makes us completely unmatched in our abilities and approach to one-off cleaning.

  • A personal promise of safety for all of your possessions and property across the board.

  • Certified and trained professionals, equipped with everything they need to conduct a quality one-off clean.

  • Incredible same-day service that will have your loose ends tied up before you know it. Don’t waste another moment of your life worrying, and get us in to help today!

  • Prices that put other cleaning companies to shame, and prove that this kind of household revolution is available to customers living on any budget.

  • Always careful to protect and give back to the environment at every opportunity.

Ready For Reservations Whenever You Need Us!

We understand that concerns about home cleaning can really be a drag to most homeowners. Just where do you find the time to take care of all that mess between work and relaxation? We answer that question at Handy Services by taking care of it for you with a practiced approach. This makes us both more efficient and more thorough in our one-off cleaning. Not only can we take the responsibility off your shoulders, but we offer it all at prices you wouldn’t believe – and our competition can’t even hope for!

Get your free consultation now by calling 020 3793 4888 before the clutter around your home has a chance to get the better of you!

Why we are the best

  • Certified and trained professionals

  • Best same-day servicethat will have your loose ends tied up before you know it

  • Greenest supplies around

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  • The flat was such a mess that we had no idea where to start from. We needed professional help, so we browsed a little and eventually settled on hiring Handy Services for a thorough one-off cleaning. They definitely did not disappoint!Jay Hoskins

If you do not require a regular cleaning, we can still present you with our top quality one-off cleaning service. We will send an expert team of ours to your place at a date and time set by you for a thorough house cleaning. Our cleaners will be thorough and will leave no corner untouched. Our services are swift and efficient. We strive to leave you a happy customer so that you would recommend us to as many friends as possible. We will provide them with the same high level of service. You will be amazed by our low prices. Hire us today and see for yourself! The number to call is 020 3793 4888!


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