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Finding the Hidden Beauties in Your Home

Are you bogged down by the seemingly incessant weight of household mess? Do you find yourself lost for space, or tripping up around the home on loose waste or clutter? If so, then your quickest, simplest and cheapest way to get it all sorted is to contact Handy Services for high quality domestic cleaning. Our house cleaners don’t take shortcuts and only use tried and true methods for that professional touch you won’t get elsewhere.

Why not feel the benefit of our home cleaning while you can, before all that built up muck causes far more expensive problems? For a secret tip and all kinds of invaluable advice, call 020 3793 4888 as soon as you can!

Dedicated Eco-Warriors!

Our responsibilities to the environment are extremely serious, and we take them as such. Our customers need a company who knows the effect their work can have, and goes on to do everything they can to avoid any negative effect to the atmosphere. Domestic cleaning can easily be carried out without harm to the ozone, and our house cleaners have been proving that point for years. All it takes is a little care in areas like cleaning and disposal. This can be a very important factor on carbon footprint. Also, all the supplies used throughout our house cleaning are responsibly sourced to truly give each of our customers a very real peace of mind.

An Amazing New Home To Enjoy!

Our work will help to give a whole new feel to your property that you may not have felt since you very first initially moved in! The fresh feeling that our house cleaning allows for is often even more striking than our patrons can first imagine. Our domestic cleaners simply do an unmatched and utterly fantastic job at transforming homes for the better. You needn’t worry about how safe your things will be throughout the operation either, as we take absolute care no matter what we’re doing. We guarantee you both safety and security, and when you consider our prices you’ll soon wonder why you haven’t used us before! Reserve your appointment now to get ahead of the curve.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  • Individualised cleaning service you’ll really love. We’ll work on your concerns one by one on a personal basis that really goes the extra mile.

  • Same-day service for those in a hurry. Arranging for timetables that suit you, timing will never be an issue!

  • Carefully selected domestic cleaners who know exactly how to get your property up on its feet in no time whatsoever.

  • Outstanding methods and solutions that other companies in our industry can only dream of!

  • Helping you avoid costly damages that could easily befall your home if you allow dirt to get the better of your home! Our domestic cleaning will stop you having to pay out for repairs!

  • Making environmental concerns a priority no matter what!

Saving You More Money Than You Might Think

Anyone truly aware of the risks in a messy home will be completely unable to deny how effective domestic cleaning can be in saving you a lot of money and even more. The wellbeing of not only your home, but also its inhabitants, comes into question as soon as household muck comes into play. It can be plagued with bacteria not visible to the human eye, which spreads and causes a lot of possible damage.

Home cleaning stops this right in its tracks, and attacks right at the root of the problem. See for yourself the difference Handy Services can make to your home, and we promise you won’t regret calling 020 3793 4888!

Why we are the best

  • Carefully selected domestic cleaners

  • Same-day service for those in a hurry

  • Greenest supplies around

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  • With the baby on the way I could hardly muster the strength to move, let alone do any house chores. My husband had too much work and couldn’t help as well. Handy Services were a real saving grace for us and the state of our home!Rita Morrison

Our company will not only get your home clean, but continue keeping it clean for as many times you call us over. We are thorough when it comes to home cleaning, we go through every single room – kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. We go through all surfaces, we clean all the areas – the floors will be swept or thoroughly cleansed, the windows will be left spotless, all the cobwebs will be removed, and your bathroom will be immaculate and cleaned of all sorts of germs and bacteria. And we will do it the green way so that no toxins are left behind. We offer the lowest prices in the area! Why wait? Call 020 3793 4888 now to get your free quote!


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